Achieve immediate results with Guinot’s signature treatment created as the alternative to aesthetic medicine. Using dynamic ionisation and thermal energy, this patented technology is designed to boost the skin’s cellular energy to enhance and rejuvenate the complexion. This unique, age-defying treatment has 8 bespoke variations prescribed by your therapist to suit your skin type and beauty concerns; allowing you to achieve exceptional, visible and clinically proven results after just one treatment.

Hydradermie Youth £71  (machine based facial, 5* Facial) 
Hydradermie Youth Age Logic £102  (anti-Ageing facial. Targeted Areas:eyes, face & neck)
Hydradermie  Lift £71   (Instant Lifting & Muscle Toning Facial)
Hydradermie Lift Express £61    (A shortened version of the Lift Facial)
Hydradermie  Lift Deluxe £114    (Youth + Lift facials)
Eye Lift £68    (muscle toning & eye massage) 
Hydra Peeling £77      (Deep Exfoliating hands on facial)
Age Summum £79    (The ultimate Anti-Ageing Facial)
SummumLift £86    (Hands on Lifting & Firm Contour facial)
Detoxygene Treatment £64    (hands on facial to detox the skin)

Complete Youth £182
1 a week facials for 3 weeks
Week 1 - Hydradermie Youth
Week 2 - Hydradermie Lift
Week 3 - Age Summum

Global Rejuvenation £267
1 a week for 4 weeks
Week 1 - Age Summum
Week 2 - Lift Summum
Week 3 - Age Summum
Week 4 - Lift Summum

Complete Lifting £182
1 a week for 3 weeks
Week 1 - Lift Summum
Week 2 - Hydradermie Lift
Week 3 - Eye Lift

HydroPeptide Treatments
Deluxe Detox Facial £69

Advanced Antioxidant Facial £69
Intense Refresh Facial £74
Brightening Facial £69
Moisture Miracle Facial £69
Acne Clarifying Facial £69
Calming Recovery Facial £64
Gua Sha Facial £64
Firming Vibrant -C Facial £74
Anti-Wrinkle Facial £69
Cryo-Luxe Facial £74
Uplifting Power Facial £74

Seasonal Facial
Summer Soother Facial £69
Fall into Radiance Facial £69
Spring Dew Over Facial £69
The Gift of Glow Express Facial £69

Express Facials
Customised facial £49
Quench & Glow Express Facial £49
Sleep Pretty Express Facial £49
Purifying Express Facial £49

Microdermabrasion £74
Express Microdermabrasion £42
Deluxe Microdermabrasion £81

*Microdermabrasion can also be added to any other Guinot Facials 

*Courses of treatments can be bought at a discount. See gift vouchers page

There is a 24hr CANCELLATION policy on all treatments. A CANCELLATION fee will be charged.