Spray Tan


Mine.Tan 1-3 Hour Express Tans
Mine.Tan’s Colour Base, Hydration Base, Ultra Dark and Active tans contain
our innovative 1 hour tan  formula with quad bronzing technology
to speed up the tanning process and allow you to control the colour of
your tan. With all of Mine.Tan 1 hour tans, you choose your preferred
custom colour depth skin finish by deciding when you shower.

New mood enhancing spray tan infused with essential oils

Relax - a unique mood relaxing spray tan that calms the skin, resulting in a dark cool brown finish. £27

Rebalance - mood balancing tan that rebalances the skin, resulting in a super dark hydrates finish. £27
Revitalize - invigorating spray tan that rejuvenates the skin, resulting in a dark, warm brown finish. £27

Perfect Bride (11% DHA) £27

Caramel (12% DHA) £27
Medium Dark (12%DHA)  £27 
Olive (13%DHA) £27
Coconut (13%DHA) £27
Workout Ready (13%DHA) £27
Wonder Tan (13%DHA)  £27
Moroccan (13%DHA) £27
Violet (14%DHA) £27
Double Dark (14%DHA) £27
Dark Ash (14%DHA) £27
Ultra Dark (15%DHA) £27
Absolute (16%DHA) £27

Tuesday or Thursday Spray Tan Offer £15

*Courses of treatments can be bought at a discount. See gift vouchers page

There is a 24hr CANCELLATION policy on all treatments. A CANCELLATION fee will be charged.